Who am I? My name is Johnny Bloom and I am a software developer in Topeka Kansas. While Topeka is not known for being a mecca of tech there is one small company trying to innovate in a realm full of grey slate UIs. This is where I come in. I am the lead developer on a new web based product for Kalos Inc, a company who has been in pharmaceutical software for years and is trying to break out of the mold of applications written for Windows 95.

On the side I pursue my love for learning. If I had my way, I would use that love of learning completely on programming but for the past three years my wife has pulled me out of nerd land to learn about things like hygiene, cooking, style, and music. I guess I should be thankful. I might have ended up like this or this. Having achieved a certain competency at being a normal person I am now able to jump in and pursue my moonlighting dreams.

As a computer nerd I am interested in processes. I love the idea of applying agile processes to every day things. I use pomodoros to clean our house and make sure that the good habits that we want to form are as easy as possible. We have scrum meetings to plan out week and yet we are still able to change things up if need be.

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Coming to the KC, Lawrence, Topeka area? Get in touch. I would love to have lunch or coffee.

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