Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I scored my first goal in soccer today. I was so excited. I jumped around and hugged people. I have been wanting to get a goal for a long time and the longer I went without a goal the more ther times that I missed my shots began to weigh on me. This however was a good goal. I dribbled past a defender and chipped it over the goalie. I kept in mind all of my previous mistakes and kept my cool. When that ball went in the net though I went crazy. I ran around hugging people and jumping up and down. It was our 5th goal so the other team was probably wondering why I was so happy but I didnt care. Within a few minutes I had another chance for a goal and missed and that is weighing on me so I am in seach of my 2nd goal now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I went to the Mississippi River with a group of people and hung out on the beach there. While we were there a train came by. I put a penny on the track but it rattled off. I also stood pretty close to the train as it went by. It is amazing to me the size of the trains. This one was supper long and the cars were massive. The train went speeding on and on and on and I stood there in sheer amazement at something man had made. When I walk the streets of gold some day, I will be amazed and will continue to be amazed for all eternity.

today is: give your friend a quarter day

Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Voice Lessons

I have recently taken up voice lessons at a local music school across the street. My teacher is Mr Williams. He is a rotund man who always greets me with a pleasant smile. I really like him and I am looking forward to more of his tutelage. He wears sweater vests and has a nice trimmed beard. While he is a tenor he has helped me find my range which fits pretty comfortably in the baritone range. I could probably sing bass as well but I have more power in the baritone range.

I have been working on mostly scales so far and I have been able to increase my range a little. He has also given me some old folk songs to sing which I am enjoying. I wish I could play the piano because I would love to be able to learn a few more. Currently my song that I am trying to get is "Jacob's Ladder" it has a low spiritual feel to it which I enjoy.

We are climbing Jacobs ladder
We are climbing Jacobs ladder
We are climbing Jacobs ladder
Children of the Lord.


I am not a linguist but I have the utmost respect for them. Anybody who can spend hours in front of a mirror practicing clicking and uvular fricatives is pretty high on my list (Cliff N). I do however love to speak the lingo of the linguists even though I don't really know what I am saying. That is where I got the title for my Blog. Egressive Pulmonic Air simply means to speak. Well it is not as simple as that but that works for me. In the past every time I tried to put a theme to my blog I lost interest. So i decided that this blog will be whatever comes to me. I guess I will see what happens.

In honor of Steve Stucker my childhood weatherman I like to make up personal holidays. He had one for every day of the year and he had a bunch of dogs. I got to meet him once at a balloon fiesta. Anyway today is: Thank Your Parents Day.