Thursday, September 20, 2007

On Voice Lessons

I have recently taken up voice lessons at a local music school across the street. My teacher is Mr Williams. He is a rotund man who always greets me with a pleasant smile. I really like him and I am looking forward to more of his tutelage. He wears sweater vests and has a nice trimmed beard. While he is a tenor he has helped me find my range which fits pretty comfortably in the baritone range. I could probably sing bass as well but I have more power in the baritone range.

I have been working on mostly scales so far and I have been able to increase my range a little. He has also given me some old folk songs to sing which I am enjoying. I wish I could play the piano because I would love to be able to learn a few more. Currently my song that I am trying to get is "Jacob's Ladder" it has a low spiritual feel to it which I enjoy.

We are climbing Jacobs ladder
We are climbing Jacobs ladder
We are climbing Jacobs ladder
Children of the Lord.


  1. I am excited to see that you are blogging. It will be fun to keep up with you this way.

    When will we see you again? I recently stocked up on granola bars! :)When I was looking at them in the "store" I thought, I bet Johnny would like some of these.

  2. hey johnny! i love reading blogs, and i am adding yours to my "favorites"!
    i believe jacobs ladder is an old southern song the slaves would sing while in the fields.

  3. Yay! Johnny has a blog!

    New incentive for you to keep up with it...

    1)I'll cry into my pillow if you don't
    2) I'll make some more idle threats.


  4. you are aspiring to be a musical Bloom. I am excited and proud. Go Johnny Bloom!