Sunday, September 23, 2007


I went to the Mississippi River with a group of people and hung out on the beach there. While we were there a train came by. I put a penny on the track but it rattled off. I also stood pretty close to the train as it went by. It is amazing to me the size of the trains. This one was supper long and the cars were massive. The train went speeding on and on and on and I stood there in sheer amazement at something man had made. When I walk the streets of gold some day, I will be amazed and will continue to be amazed for all eternity.

today is: give your friend a quarter day

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  1. There is a bridge that off of 61 in Hutch that trains go under and it's beautiful at night. Have you been there? I've heard that when the trains go under it's kind of scary it's so loud. I haven't been able to experience a train going under but I think we should do it sometime if you haven't yet.