Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recursive Blogging

Today I am blogging about blogging. It is such a strange thing really when I think about it. I spend all of this time living and doing things and my thoughts are, "wow this will make a good story." Yet I do enjoy the moment but my completion of the enjoyment is in telling others. Thats why I like to blog. The big fish or the made soccer goal are not enjoyable when kept to one's self. Rather when we tell others we take joy in what took place.

Also there is a skill involved, not only is my joy complete in telling the story but I labor over the right way to tell it so that it represents the feelings of the moment when the event took place. By capturing the mood or irony of a situation, one can turn even an ordinary event into a good story if they have the skill. Thus there is a joy to telling that I look forward to even while I am doing the very thing I will be telling.

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