Thursday, November 29, 2007


Perhaps some of you have not heard that I am planning on going to Isreal in the summer. It will be a two week trip with one of my teachers. I am getting really excited. I am planning on spending my Christmas working to save for the trip. I am actually looking forward to that because I will be working with my brother James in St Louis.

I along with 14 other students will be traveling together. When we leave for Israel we will fly to London where we will visit the British Museum. That is going to be a real nice bonus to the trip since there is a lot of artifacts in the musem that were taken from Israel. Then we will leave for Israel itself and spend 14 days traveling around visiting the sites. We visit tels from Dan to Beersheba, we will tube down the Jordan River, and we will get to walk the hills and
valleys where David walked.

I really cant wait. I need to do some research on the different places that we will visit so I may post them to the blog when I type them up.

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  1. how exciting! i cant imagine the feelings of walking where the greats (and not so greats) of the bible have walked. gives me shivers! we are so happy to have you with us for a couple of weeks.