Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well I failed to accomplish my 3 goals. I am reinstating them for this school year but my track record is not very good. I live in a constant state of catch-up. I feel that I never get ahead which is where I wish I was. I am always amazed at the people who have done something consistantly everyday. Especially if they have been doing it for years. I dont have habits like that. 

I was reading in 2 Timothy and was amazed when Paul said "I thank God, whom I serve with a clear conscience..." One of my biggest sources of guilt is my failure to give God the time he deserves. We are told to read our Bible pray everyday and we will grow, grow, grow. Yet this is difficult for me. I have never had a long extended period of time where I read the bible as a habitual daily task. This is a source of shame amoung Christian circles and I really cant say that I serve God will a clear concious. This is not because of sin but because of my own expectations that I hold myself to and expectations that people say I should have for myself. 

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  1. Actually Rex Said...

    Good thoughts. It is when we recognize and can articulate the issues we have that we are in a good position to move forward. Most of the time I am just not willing to get to the point where I can say 'I have failed'. One other help is that if we see the Scriptures as essential and not entertaining we will read more. Sometimes I wait for a desire to motivate me when I should exercise discipline (reading the Word, evangelisim, etc).
    Yet when I exercise discipline and read/witness/etc I am never disapointed by the results. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.