Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marky Driscoll

I have really grown to like Mark Driscoll. I feel that his preaching is really clear, very simple, and yet rooted in Jesus Christ. In one particular sermon he explains the contextualization of the church in a really clear way. In explaining why his church has an 8:30pm meeting he said that in this day single people don't get up until the crack of dinner, after which he said:

"Welcome all you guild leaders, Jesus love you too."

I would love to preach at a church where I could make that joke!


  1. We like mark too! Did you listen to the sermon of his that I sent to Kara? That is when we first heard of him.

  2. Yeah Kara sent me the link and that was how I found this sermon. I had browsed through a book by him called "Death By Love." In this book he handles hard counceling situations that he had to face as a pastor. It was really good.

  3. That book sounds really interesting, I will have to look at it!

  4. He has a good handle on the culture around him. I respect that a lot.