Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I have enjoyed searching with Google's new trend search. What google did was they kept track of all of the searches that people did over the past 4 years. Now you can use that information to do statistical graphs. Some of the correlations are amazing. I started simple:

This is a simple graph of when people search for ice cream. Notice that it is mostly in the middle of the year (ie. the summer). It for the most part is consistent from year to year. The bottom graph is the news stories concerning the subject. Here it models the same pattern. People like ice cream in the summer but are not to excited about it in the winter. So what about hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate has the opposite effect. Except for in the middle of the summer of 2005. I don't remember a cold spell but it looks like something significant took place. The little flags are news stories that took place at those times. I cut those out because they are often irrelevant. But sometimes really funny.

Weight has an interesting graph. Looks like it pretty well describes human nature. Good intentions but lack of results. Notice that the news graph increases but the search graph is pretty regular.

People are strange creatures. This graph tells a lot. I dont know if people are happy during the holidays or if they are looking for happiness. There is a mirrored effect that adds to the graph. Notice the news go up for depression in 2008. The double meaning of the word changes some of the statistics.

Now for controversial topics in our society. I looks like people are still pro-life. I like how this graph fluxuates with the issues.. There is a lot of symmetry.

Next I decided to use this to answer questions, like which gaming system is the most popular? Xbox has a lot more tradition behind it perhaps I should have added the 360. Regardless the wii took over the market pretty fast. Next I asked, is love really the greatest?

Yes it appear the greatest of these is love. I know it is heresy to judge the bible by popular opinion. Finally to answer the age old question, which Bloom boy is the most popular?

Mom was right all along. Good try James. Rex and Dave have been woefully deceived.


  1. Did this with my family! We were even til' Sarah Palin

  2. After reading this post, I thought "Sarah Palin" would be a trendy word to look up. Now I see that Debs beat me to it.

  3. Obama was the same way though. No one had really heard of him untill he ran for president.

  4. Except for that little jump in '04 due to the DNC-- when I first heard of him.

  5. ...and I misspelled his name.