Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting Goal

I just upgraded my digital life. I reformatted my laptop, upgraded to 8GB of ram, and added an SSD drive. I also bought a 22 inch monitor for when I program at home and need the extra screen real-estate.  I did all of this to prepare myself for my own personal challenge.

I am planning on having a game in the windows 8 store before it launches on October 26th. I have lots of experience using C# since I am a full time Silverlight developer. I also am learning javascript as we prepare for the inevitable move away from Silverlight. Yet I want to make a game and the best way to make a game for Windows 8 is to use C++.

I haven't used C++ since college and so this is completely new to me. I am lucky that my brother is a professional C++ developer but for most of this I will be on my own. This is blog will be a record of my struggles going from zero to app. I have a terrible track record with blogs so I am crossing my fingers but I think that I can make this work.

Here we go... 

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