Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pluralsight gets the ball rolling

I have been struggling to get this app written. Work has been busy and learning C++ is taking a bit of time. I am still in the sample app writing stage. However, I would be a lot further behind if it weren't for pluralsight. So I would like to put a plug in for them and their courses.

I watched the C course to freshen up on C programming (Kenny Kerr is my  favorite voice so far). Now I am jumping into the 7 hr long C++ course by Kate Gregory. I must say I have learned so much from pluralsight videos that if I need to research a new technology I go there before Google. Here are a few reasons I keep going back.

Content, content, content!
They have tons and tons of content. I mean 7 hrs just for an introduction to C++! I would challenge anyone to look on the web and see if you can find that kind of depth.  Combine that with the intermediate and advanced topics and you have about 16.5 hrs of video. That is just for C++ which is one of their less covered topics. I have a watch list about 24hrs long and just dont have the time to watch it.

Simple to advances courses
We all come at different topics with different levels of knowledge. Some topics I am an expert at and others I am just beginning. This is not an intelligence thing, there are just some things we havent learned yet and some things we deal with every day. pluralsight does a good job of providing both beginner level courses and intermediate or advanced ones as well.

Cutting edge videos
While Microsoft was speculating about SPA's Pluralsight and John Papa were making them!

As developers one of the best ways we learn is by reading code. I tell third party vendors to skip the documentation and send me a sample project (When they lack a sample project I make my own and email it to them to save other developers). At pluralsight, not only do you get a video explaining how to do something, you get all of the sample code to go along with the video. That in itself makes pluralsight worth it.

Dancing Developers
Need I say more?

Much more
There are lots more little things that makes being a pluralsight subscriber a good thing.

Note: pluralsight did not put me up to this. I am just a happy customer.

Now back to my walkthrough!

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