Friday, February 21, 2014

2000 Hits!

2000 Hits!
So I realize that for some blogs 2000 hits per day would mean a slow day but this is a work in progress. I was sure excited to see my total hit meter pass the 2000 mark. That's 2000 hits for all time in case you were wondering. So I decided to reward myself.

I have purchased a domain name and you can now find me at! This was a sign of commitment for me. I have also made it past the two week mark which is when I usually broke up with my blog in the past. I think we are going to make it.

To ensure that I do make it, I have a set of milestones to keep me looking forward. Here is my plan:

     5000 - Hire a designer to help with the design of the blog
     10000 - Purchase a subscription to a stock image service
     25000 - Design a logo
     50000 - Buy a nice scotch and a cigar
     100000 - Buy a Go Pro camera
     500000 - Go to a Maker Faire

So if you, dear reader, are willing to help here is what you can do:
  • Subscribe to the blog so you know when I post updates
  • Tell other people about the blog
  • Suggest content and let me know when what I write is interesting or if it falls flat
  • Share posts that you find interesting on Facebook

My excitement about writing the blog is directly proportional to the amount of people who read it. I check the stats often so every hit counts. --jb

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