Saturday, February 15, 2014

Eye Fi With My Little Eye

We have a problem in our house. We saved up money 2 years ago to by a nice DSLR camera. It was bottom of the line but still took really cool pictures. We were both interested in blogging at the time so we wanted a camera that could take good pictures. While we never started blogging, we would go on photo shoots and upload the pictures to our computer and share them on Facebook. Soon after that Kara got a new phone and Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were all super easy. When posting images to social media was that easy, getting pictures any other way was a hassle. Our camera began to gather dust as it sat being unused. We now both have new phones so I thought it would be time to see if we could get our SLR back into action!

I did some research and found the Eye-Fi Mobi. I ordered it on Amazon and have been waiting for it to come in the mail. I woke up this morning and stood in the cold while I waited for our office to open up so I could get my packages. The card came along with a wireless usb dongle for my Raspberry Pi (more on the later).

Happy Valentines Day to My DSLR!
What the Eye-Fi does is it creates a custom wifi link between the phone and the camera. I downloaded an app onto my phone (works on a tablet too) and it syncs with card in the camera. It takes about 30 sec from when I take the picture before it shows up on the phone. The pictures are available to all of the social media apps and I can even push them to my Google Drive and they are available for this blog. There is a version of the card that will work with a computer using the wifi as well if you dont have a smart phone. I didn't get that one because it was $100 and I really only needed it to work with mobile. I got mine for $44 on Amazon. At first I balked at the price since that is the price of a 64GB regular SD card. Then I realized that really this was saving me from having a really expensive shelf ornament/paper weight.

If you are using a newer DSLR there is a setting in the camera itself to enable to wifi on the card. Took me a few minutes to figure that out. --jb

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