Friday, February 28, 2014

What Has It Got in Its Pocketses? Feb 28

So I mentioned a while back that I have been using pocket to keep track of links that I want to read later. The problem is if I dont set aside time to read my links then it becomes a list of things I should do some time. So I am going to try to empty my pockets at the end of every week.

I am a programmer so I read a lot about programming. If you happen to not be a programmer I am going to break this down with a 1-5 Star nerdiness rating where one star is the least nerdy so you can skip the stuff that you might not care about.

Soma Water Filter - Cool little water filter
Hemingway App - Helps with your writing. Just paste in your text and it will tell you what's wrong.
The Chemistry of Good Coffee: The Syphon - New way to brew coffee for the people who have chemistry equipment laying around.
Brewdega - A website devoted to keeping track of the beers you drink. Still in alpha or something.

Making Games Fun - Easy to learn, hard to master.
The Hacker's Guide to LinkedIn - Good advice on getting more visibility on your profile. If you care that is. :) - Beautiful blogging framework. I'm probably going to be moving to this!
Learning Shelter - Teaching homeless people to be makers.

Why Net Neutrality Matters - In case you were wondering.
Makers - Tons of links about Makers from the Northeast Kansas Library System
Building your personal programmer brand - Good advice about the fact that as a programmer you in are your own business.
Githubiverse - Since thingiverse changed their EULA.

4 - Everything you need to know about circuits.
Learning SVG - It is kinda like Canvas.
Replacing User Stories with Job Stories - Yeah we never used them anyway.
How We Made GitHub Fast - Pretty interesting in a wow dont know that I will ever need to do that sort of way.
What is takes to run StackOverflow - Just the numbers alone are crazy.

Zombiejs - A headless javascript unit testing framework. Haha!
Javascript promises... In wicked detail - In case you were wondering about them promises.
Build your own Google TV Using RaspberryPi, NodeJS and - Pretty awesome!

There you have it. Things that I thought were worth reading. You shouldn't click on them all. Seriously if you feel like you are interested in every link call me because you are probably insane.

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